Finally, I can use Xone:K2 on M1Mac. Native Instruments Traktor with Allen&Heath Xone k2 on M1 MacBook Air 

  • 2021.05.18
  • DJ
Finally, I can use Xone:K2 on M1Mac. Native Instruments Traktor with Allen&Heath Xone k2 on M1 MacBook Air 

I occasionally DJ as a hobby, and I was having trouble using my Allen&Heath Xone k2 MIDI on my recently purchased M1 Macbook Air because it was not recognized by Traktor. After some trial and error, I found a solution, and I’d like to leave it here in case anyone else is having trouble.

My DJ Setup

First of all my DJ setup, I’m using a denon dj mixer 1200 and two xone k2s on the right side and a nanopad on the left side as a replacement for Ableton Push.

The sound is flowing from the Traktork to Ableton Live, and I use effectors and other plugins on the Ableton side. I have 4 stereo channels going to the mixer, but one channel is shared with the reverb, delay and other FX from Ableton. I’m not very good at DJing yet, so I can’t DJ using 4 channels.

I couldn’t get Xonek2 to work on my M1 Mac, so I threw the question directly to Allen & Heath.


Thanks for the message.

We are sorry to hear that you have come up against this issue. We currently have a disclaimer up on the K2 page for this;

This is something that we have been avidly investigating and were hoping to find a solution by means of a firmware update. Unfortunately, this is now looking like this is not the case and the issue appears to lay outside of our remit. Please remember that the K2 is a core-audio/MIDI device on Mac OS. This hardware works fine on any Intel-based machine and is signed off to run with Big Sur on this platform (Intel only).  As it stands, we have a support claim that has been submitted to Apple, but have no further information at present.

We are deeply sorry for any inconvenience that this may be causing you and we sincerely hope to see a solution for this soon.

However, I found a way to use it by trying various things personally.

The problem was the hub, which had no external power supply.

When I first bought my M1 Mac, I used this hub.

Anker PowerExpand 8-in-1 USB-C PD

The Xonek2 was connected to a USB hub that could be powered from the Xonek2, but the Traktor side didn’t recognize MIDI, so I couldn’t use it at all.

But the other day, I was working with the HDMI output from that hub, and the video from the HDMI kept breaking up and not being stable, so I decided to buy a DOCK that can supply power, and I bought the following

Anker PowerExpand 7-in-1 Thunderbolt 3 Mini Dock ドッキングステーション 4K対応 HDMIポート1Gpbs イーサネット USB-Aポート USB-Cポート microSD&SDカードスロット 搭載

I bought this one and connected it to HDMI and was able to get a stable video out of HDMI without a single shot resolution interruption.

I bought this one and connected it to HDMI and it worked fine.

“Could it be that the bus power? glitch that prevented Xonek2 from working properly too!

So I tried to connect it

Hey…. It’s a normal MIDI connection,

Solution. I have not been able to verify the details yet, but for the time being I can use Xonek2 as a MIDI controller, so I thought I would post this to help those who are also having trouble.

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